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We are a team of banking expert with an array of financial product and services, operating to secure your all kinds of financial interest with the help of our expert support & solution.

01 Is there any consultancy fee?

Yes its free.

02 How do you help?

In case of new loan/credit card/debt consolidation, we gather information and requirement from the customer. Our expert then analyses your information and discuss the case with the policy team, who deals with different banks policy and recommend a suitable bank. In case of debt settlement, our expert gathers information, make debt plan suitable to you and try to negotiate with your bank on your behalf.

03 What are your services?

We offer a wide range of services, of which, few are listed below

  • Arranging personal loan / business loan, Credit card, Overdraft from best possible financial institutions in UAE.
  • Helping in opening personal/business accounts.
  • Facilitating Debt settlement, debt consolidation, buyout all liabilities through best possible banks.
  • Negotiating debt settlement with your bank on your behalf etc.
04 How do you suggest the best financial institutions?

We gather all the required details from the customer and our bank policy expert research on it to find out a perfect, compatible and best possible institution to go ahead. While doing this exercise, we keep your data and identity strictly confidential.

05 What is the validity of the service fee paid?

Most of the time service fee is valid for a series of actions and required job mutually agreed, but it may last 120 days.

06 Do you have any free service?

Yes, we have telephonic consultancy which is free for 2 hours every day between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Sunday to Thursday. Kindly call our contact center and book your appointment for teleservice.

07 Are there any minimum salary criteria for your service?

We have sating criteria as per the bank policy.

08 Best Support

We have our 24×7 customer service team utilizing modern help desk tools to ensure that customers are informed & issues are closed in quickest time.

Opening a Bank Account in the UAE from Overseas

Whether you intend to relocate to the United Arab Emirates for job, to start a business, or to invest there in 2022, 2023, or later, having a bank account will be essential for managing the relocation of a portion of your life. Where you commit to banking depends on a variety of things. Where you commit to banking depends on a variety of things. What aspects should you take into account while choosing the best bank for you if you’re currently abroad? The steps for opening a bank account in the UAE are shown below, taking into account the number of branches, the advantages of saving, the income requirements, the significant documentation required, and other noteworthy criteria and schemes.

Can a foreigner open a bank account in the UAE?

There are ways for foreigners to open their bank accounts because the bulk of Emiratis are expats. Yes, in a nutshell, however there is an important differential that will affect where you may bank and what kinds of accounts you can open. Your residency status in the UAE is as of now.

Why is the issue of domicile relevant when deciding whether to set up a line of financial products? That’s because the majority of banks demand that you show your passport, copies of your passport photo, and a letter of approval from your employer or the party who is sponsoring your visa. The second of these prerequisites means that you need to be a resident of the UAE in order to create a foreign or offshore bank account. You’ll discover, though, that some financial products are only available to locals.

Requirements for Opening a Bank Account in the UAE

Different banks will want additional documentation for resident ex-pat accounts in addition to your passport and the no-objection letter we just stated. If you are a recent immigrant to the UAE, these may include your visa and your Emirates ID card (or a copy of your application if you are still awaiting it). A document containing your employer or sponsor, your pay, and verification of your address in the form of a utility bill or rental agreement are also required. A letter of reference from another bank may also be required by banks; you may easily get one from the bank you already use in your home country or country of origin.

Can I have a bank account in Dubai without a residence visa?

There are several possibilities for you to think about if you are still organizing your move to the UAE or do not yet have a residency visa. Only non-residents or visitors may open savings accounts at the majority of banks in Dubai. It follows that the limitations put in place suggest that current accounts or other services are only available to residents. Although you won’t get a checkbook as a non-resident, non-resident accounts come with debit cards that you can use to withdraw or deposit money at ATMs.

There is a warning for non-resident accounts with UAE banks: many organizations may impose a maximum balance or even a minimum balance requirement on your account. Some financial institutions let non-resident account holders select whether to have their money in dirhams (AED) or another significant currency. This choice may be alluring to people who don’t want to convert their dirhams for pounds, dollars, or other currencies.

Can I open a bank account in the UAE from abroad?

Because a bank officer must see you sign the application and other documentation, the applicant—whether an expatriate or visitor—must be present in person to confirm the account’s establishment. With rare circumstances, you can ask a financial advisor like Europe Emirates Group to act as your agent and assist you in remotely opening your account.

With so many local banks and a growing worldwide presence, you may need assistance making this important choice. Our team has experience opening non-resident accounts for both private and business use. We can provide you with a thorough comparison, strive to have the necessary documentation prepared on your behalf, and handle any necessary financial transactions. We are available for you to chat with us about which businesses, depending on the qualities they offer, are the best fits in the industry. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you want to chat with one of our financial consultants.

Frequently asked questions regarding Business Setup

How do you start a business in the UAE? What distinguishes a Mainland from a Free-zone from an Offshore? What steps are involved in starting a business in Dubai? What varieties of business licenses are available? Talk to a business setup expert from almas financing consultant & Services for Free if these are the issues that are troubling you! In addition to assisting you with any of your questions, we also provide you with comprehensive solutions to help you achieve your goal of opening a business in Dubai.
If you need further help, have a quick look at the FAQ section:


In the UAE, enterprises can be established either on the mainland, in a free zone, or offshore. A local service agent is needed to set up a business in the mainland UAE, and the Department of Economic in Dubai issues the license. In a free zone, you are only allowed to operate inside a specific geographic area, and the company needs a license from the relevant free zone authorities.

Keep in mind that you can own your company outright in each of these business zones, namely the mainland and the free zones, at 100%. The licensing, documentation, translation, and other company formation-related tasks are handled by the licensing professionals at the Almas Financing Consultancy & Services India division to assist you establish your ideal business in the UAE.

You can protect your wealth and assets in the UAE by operating an offshore firm, but you can only conduct business abroad. The company receives a certificate of incorporation rather than a trade license.

In the United Arab Emirates, almost any form of business can be founded, and the Economic Department has registered and approved thousands of different businesses. However, it is best to be certain before beginning. So feel free to free to contact Alma’s financial counselor! Send us a message!


You must reserve a trade name and get preliminary approvals in order to form a limited liability company in Dubai Mainland or anyplace else in the UAE. The Department of Economic Development must also receive a memorandum of association for the business, the lease contract, and all other required paperwork.

A rented office space is also necessary, along with a partnership with a citizen of the UAE and any extra certifications from the government. You can start a business in Dubai with Almas Financing Consultant & Services while being worry-free about the prerequisites.


You are free to conduct commerce and business with any nation as a mainland UAE corporation. In contrast to free zone enterprises, who are only compelled to conduct business within the free zones and have a restricted business scope, you have access to reasonably priced leasing office space because you are not geographically restricted.


Free Zones are locations reserved for firms with global reach and wholly foreign control. Companies in each free zone are only permitted to conduct business there and nowhere else in the UAE.



You can access free-hold property anywhere in Dubai as a free-zone company and have complete control of your business. Certain free zone business settings in Dubai are exempt from paying taxes and import or export charges, but not all of them are.


Company formation in Dubai Mainland can be completed in less than 72 hours with Almas Financing Consultancy & Services, but you must have the necessary paperwork on hand. We can create enterprises in the UAE in just three days since we are dependable partners and have been associated with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai for more than years. In UAE free zones, forming a company might take three to ten days.


In the United Arab Emirates, there are four different types of business licenses or trade licenses: commercial licenses, issued to businesses engaged in any kind of trading activity, industrial licenses, issued to businesses engaged in any kind of manufacturing or industrial activity, and special licenses. The last one is the tourism license, which is given to travel, tourism, and hospitality businesses in the UAE. Professional licenses are given to service providers, artisans, professionals, and craftsmen.


You must submit a new Memorandum of Association with the required changes in order to renew your trade license, as well as a Real Estate Regulatory Agency-issued certificate of authenticity for the leasing contract.